Our Audience? A very hungry world.


We are experts in food photography, video and styling. While we prefer natural, ambient light, we like to also work with strobes to ensure consistency.  We branch out to lifestyle photography when the project demands. We are equally comfortable shooting in a studio or a home, delivering items on a clean white background, or within a highly styled set.

There are several categories of photo shoots, which have different challenges and costs. Here they are:

  • Cookbooks: These will take anywhere from 5-10 full days. These are brutal days! Everything goes much smoother with a support staff of kitchen helpers and extra hands. It's important to space the days apart, since the work is very physical. Plan on a testing session to get concepts together before the first shooting day.

  • One Off Hero Shots: You may need a beautiful image to accompany an article in a magazine, for a trade show, or on your web site. There's always a use for a beautiful, well thought out photograph that presents your product perfectly. In preparation of these shots, we like to sample the product, conduct our own background research and bring some solid ideas to the table. Hero shots demand time - you want to work in a focused way and get the image exactly right.

  • Product Lines: Whether for e-commerce or catalogs, product lines need a consistent look and feel. The heavy lifting here precedes the shooting. A round or two of styling will help everyone hone in on the desired look, which considers lighting, styling, and depth of field. Once we crack the look, a production shoot can move along seamlessly.

  • Campaigns: The path here depends entirely on the work completed before the first meeting. If the client delivers a well considered creative brief, we can get right into concept work. Usually, the work takes three iterations to get to the final, approved look and feel.

  • Location Shoots: You may have a restaurant or a food truck. Perhaps you are hosting an underground dining club. Whether you need to capture the ambiance for a magazine spread or a social media campaign, we are available to work side by side you, on site. (Naturally, we prefer exotic locations such as fine vineyards.)

  • Social Media: Starting a new feed, or trying to realign one that's already live? We can help by developing a visual 'point of view' for your brand and products. Starting with a good strategy and clear goals, we develop front end images, their accompanying stores, and help build you a strong following.



Video Creation

Without question, we are in the age of storytelling, and more and more often, this storytelling is taking a visual form. Whether you intend to create a video to promote products, brands, or your company history, we can help. We first work together to develop a storyline, which considers your message, and your overall goals for the piece. We next determine if you are interested in using existing media or creating new content. In production mode, we build, assemble, score, and produce a video ready to distribution. Be it web, mobile, or retail environments, we make sure the final product looks great. 


Web and eCommerce Development

Have a brand, need a site? Our seasoned technical team take works hand in glove with creative to build your visually rich, and on-message web presence.  We will architect, design, and build your site with you - so your opinions and point of view are well represented in the final product. Our services extend to copy writing on the front end, and analytics on the back end.


Photo Management

For clients that have already spent time, energy, effort and money building a photo library. Your photographer may have sent you a link, or may have handed you a disc. If so you may need help organizing your images so your team can make sense of them, find them and use them. For such clients, we recommend building a cloud archive, where we store your images.  

image library.png

Library Evaluation and Editing

For clients who have recently discovered, or rediscovered that they already have a photo library, but there's literally so many images they don't know where to start. In this case, we will start by understanding your goals, and recommending some concept for use. Next, we will review all of your images, organize them, and rate them based on usability, quality and any other criteria we agree on. 


Strategic Communications Planning

For those cases in which the campaign, brand or idea has not been thought through, we can help. Starting with articulating goals, we will conduct and evaluate research on the market and competition.  We will help you to understand the correct audience for your campaign, then help develop a product positioning and messaging. Once complete, you are ready to move into production. (Which, of course, we can handle.)