Strategic visuals for a hungry world.

Our work help our clients to tell their stories, and express their visions, exactly, within cookbooks, websites, videos, magazines, ads, on packing and through all varieties of media. 

We believe in a process developed hand in hand with our clients and partners. We listen first, to understand the motivation, objectives and desired results. We believe in the work before the work begins, developing the perfect look, feel and style from which everything else flows.

Our studio is conveniently located in Westwood Village, in Los Angeles. Naturally, we are fully mobile, and equipped to travel anywhere in the world.

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Josh Shaub - Founding Partner

Josh has a classic left brain, right brain history. In the early 90’s he entered the tech world, working on several Internet 1.0 startups. The creative thinker in a room full of engineers, he churned out concepts that became building blocks of today’s web. He was a founder of Interactive Imaginations, which made a name for itself as 24/7 media. He continued working on startups for the next decade.

Over a delicious, nearly endless dinner of assorted Italian meats, Spanish cheeses, French wines and Colorado lamb chops, he decided to make a targeted pivot towards the food business. Armed with his technical chops and some scrapbook concepts, he convinced several NYC food players to take the digital plunge, and started building their web and ecommerce sites.

Through designing and managing projects, Josh juggled different team members, and contractors, always bringing in the food photographers as the last piece. He found two things always to be the case - they were a flakey bunch, and they always wanted to shoot for their own portfolio, rather than for the client.  When the photographer on a massive, 200 cheese shoot didn’t show up, he stepped in.

Project complete, he set up shop as Very Natural Productions, and started taking clients. Within a few months he was shooting cookbooks, restaurants, packaging shots, everything. In a world of overly styled looks, his aesthetics were a welcome change.

Fast forward, and his work has expanded to brand building, video production, and story telling, always with a core emphasis on photography and communicative images. 

Josh holds a Master's Degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in American History from Cornell. 

He is a seasoned home cook and spends his free time making wood fired pizzas in his backyard.


Some favorite clients:

Orwasher's NY Bakery • Kraft Foods • ONE Group • Monini • Atalanta Corporation • Entenmann's • Dante Fried Chicken • Piave DOP • Il Forteto Toscano • FAIR Spirits • Chimay • Sherbrooke Cellars • Pico Maccario • Mezzetta • Karlsson's Vodka • Kroger • Murray's Cheese • Artisanal • • Zabar's • Wegmans • Andronico's • Feast Books • Parragon Books • Simon & Schuster • Sterling Books • William Morrow • Oberto • My Goods Market • Felbro Foods • Nugget Markets • Famille Perrin • Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium.